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Health Insurance in Provo isn’t what it used to be—but let’s be honest, health insurance in general has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and it will likely continue changing. Just as our health insurance world is transforming, our knowledge of public health and best practices in personal health is changing as well. Instead of medicine focused on treating illness and disease post-onset, our mindset as a population is switching to preventative medicine—seeking to promote wellness instead of treating illness. As the mindset changes, our population seeks to find ways to prevent debilitating illness—sometimes through nutrition and physical habits. At Axio, we want to help our healthy-minded population find ways to stay healthy and find wellness in their lives. We want to provide a few health and wellness tips to provide you with what you’re looking for—happy and health lives.


Provo Health Insurance Experts on Wellness


  1. Eat—there are so many diets out there and ways to cut out harmful or damaging foods from our eating habits. What we sometimes don’t understand as a society is that to help our health, we may need to be more focused on what we are eating instead of what we’re meticulously shunning from our diets. Healthy habits of eating fruits and vegetables are incredibly important to our wellness as individuals. Making sure we’re eating whole grains is vitally important to a balanced, healthy diet—note that this tip did not include completely cutting any carbohydrate out of your incredibly anemic diet (which by the way would completely cut out any fruit or vegetable).
  2. Move—exercise is an important aspect of wellness, but for some reasons that I’m sure we don’t think about as often as we should. Our physical health is obviously benefitted from physical exercise, but we need to remember that our mental health is incredibly benefitted from physical exercise as well. Exercise in many forms—yoga, pilates, running, swimming, lifting weights, and stretching—can be beneficial for our bodies and our minds, and wellness is truly a blend of both.


So let’s get well, and let’s start moving and eating. Axio is committed to your wellness, your protection, and finding you the very best possibly health insurance in Provo!

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