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In our last post for the series “Road Trip Tips”, we talked about a couple of our most favorite and most used road trip strategies to both have a good time and stay the safest possible. Our top two points of road tripping advice were: (1) bringing along family or friends on the trip, and (2) snacking strategically to enjoy and stay safe. I’ve been on my fair share of road trips—especially through Utah and the western part of the US. Having passengers in my car has made a huge difference in my safety and enjoyment. Food has also provided me with the much needed energy and hand-to-mouth movement so that I stayed awake and remained safe on my trips. We want to add a couple more tips to our arsenal of road trip advice.


Springville Car Insurance Road Trip Tips 3 and 4

  1. Stop—Lots of people get caught up in the “let’s just get there as fast as we can” attitude. This mindset can prove to be detrimental to the safety of a driver and passengers. There are reasons that gas stations and rest stops exist in the middle of nowhere—sometimes stopping is just what the caravan needs to rejuvenate, get the blood flowing through their body again, and regain the energy to enjoy the next leg of the trip. Stops are good, and at many times they’re absolutely necessary. So quit with the no bathroom break, no food stop mentality, and let the strategic stops in a road trip work their magic.
  2. Listen—Listening to music or words on a road trip can be one of the best things to stay awake and enjoy your time with or without friends and family on the trip. I had a period of time when I made a 4-hour road trip alone twice each week for about 3 months. My best friend became the audiobook. It was such an incredible way to stay mentally engaged and present, which was essential to my safety on the trips. So choose a good book, or several great albums and get listening!


Springville Car Insurance is easy with Axio’s help, and with our advice, your road trips may be a little easier too!



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