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Car Insurance in Provo, and On the Road

Insuring your car in Provo seems like a relatively simple thing—but making sure you and the car are both insured in case of accident and ensured that you’re safe gets a little more complicated. No amount of advice or time-tested tips will completely protect you on the road, but here at Axio Insurance, we’re committed to your well being and peace of mind. We are going to provide you with a few of our favorite road trip tips—to help you be a little more ensured that your road trip will go off without a hitch, accident, or spike in your monthly premium.


Insure Your Car and Your Trip

So in the literal sense of the word insure, it may not make sense when we talk about insuring a road trip, but we mean it a little differently than it comes across. A thesaurus entry under the word “insure” is protect. That’s what we mean, and that’s what we’re all about at Axio—protection. We want you to feel protected in your every day commute as well as the interstate road trip you’ve been planning for six months. So let’s get to our favorite advice for you soon-to-be road trippers.


  1. Bring Company—being alone on a road trip is occasionally not only unsafe, but just plain boring. The companionship of a few friends or family members can make or break a road trip. It can be the beginning of memories that you will fondly remember in the future. It can be the life-saving difference when drowsiness starts to hit. So our favorite road trip advice comes in the form of friends and family.
  2. Snack Wisely—snacking is one of the road trip essentials. I know the feeling—you look forward to the road trip sometimes because of the killer snacks you’ll get to pound down as you get some good windshield time. But there is a strategic way to snack. Snacking can come especially handy for night driving or when you’re getting drowsy. It not only provides energy to the body, but snacking can also be a very good activity to keep your mind engaged as well. The hand-to-mouth motion is a good way to stay awake while driving, and there’s plenty of snacks that accomplish this (sunflower seeds are my favorite!).


So before your next road trip, remember that car insurance in Provo is important, but staying ensured of your safety is crucial as well—that’s why Axio aims to keep you safe and protected!

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