Students Need Insurance in Provo—What’s What in Insurance

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What Student Insurance is Out There and What do I Need?

So you’ve got insurance as a student in Provo starting off your life with a great education in a beautiful place—what could go wrong? Well, to be honest, we’re in the business of insurance, and thinking about what can go wrong is our job. There are literally millions of things that could go wrong, but we don’t say that to set your anxiety off and get you worried about every possible thing that might go awry. Whether you’re that student we talked about above with insurance, or whether you’re the student or person without it, we know we can help. We talk about what can go wrong so that you can feel protected, safe, and secure in the event of emergencies or accidents. That’s what insurance is—a peace-of-mind policy that makes your life so much easier and so much more peaceful. So what kind of insurance is out there and why? Well we think we pretty much answered the why above, but we want to tell you what kind of insurance is out there and what Axio can do to help you feel secure.

Insurance for Provo Students

Axio specializes in many types of insurance, and we’ll tell you about all the insurance we think you need, and all the insurance we think you need to know about for the future. First, everyone student needs student health insurance. Axio is committed to helping you as college students make sure you’re covered in the event of a torn ACL at that intense intramural flag football game, or when your fiancé says it’s time to get that acne taken care of before the engagements. The second type of insurance we know you’ll need is automobile insurance. If you’re a college student, you more than likely drive a car, and that car and you need to be insured. There are way too many stories of “it’ll never happen to me” moments, and then people and their cars get hurt. Don’t make yourself suffer financially for something that could’ve been taken care of through insurance. That’s why we’re here at Axio to help. The last two types of insurance we think you need to know about are life insurance and home insurance—two policies you’ll be wanting to take a look at when you buy your first home and get married and start a family. Let us help you have peace of mind. Axio is here to help you get on your feet, and let Provo student insurance protect you and your fellow Provo students.

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